novembre 15, 2023

Why Choose Constructor University ?

About the University

Contructor University is a private, English-language campus-based university offering the highest standards in research and teaching. By means of academic education, intensive support, and through living together on an international campus, its objective is to encourage young, talented people, irrespective of nationality, religion, and background in becoming citizens of the world, able to take leading and responsible roles for the future sustainable and peaceful development of humanity.

Constructor University has derived four core objectives for its educational profile from this mission statement:

Academic Quality
among other things through interdisciplinary learning, individualized academic mentoring, and early involvement of students in research projects

Personal Development
increasing self-competence and social skills in a community characterized by diversity

promoting intercultural skills through living and learning on a campus with people from more than 100 nations

Readiness to join the Working World
imparting the specialist and interdisciplinary skills required for a successful career in business or science.

1,800 Students                           –           340,000 m² Green-shaded campus

2001 University Opening        –           110 Nationalities live on campus

Open Programs:

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